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Drama Club
 Welcome to MHS Drama Club web page!

Ms. Carrollyn Cox, club sponsor

Hannah Gracy, webpage manager

Congrats Cast and Crew of In Memoriam
In Memoriam: Cast and Crew
Character Cast Member
Diane Arnette – 20 yo daughter of a publisher Ariana Patterson Shannon Pitchford
Brad Kessler – 24yo NYC stockbroker Jay Walters
Dr Marvin Whitby – 45yo physician Ben Ryder
Miss Amanda Carter – 70yo spinster Amber Romance
Tony Patrillo – 23yo gangster Aaron Tipsword
Adam Holmes – 48 yo butler Anthony Proudnik
Director Ms. Cox
Producer Shannon Pitchford
Jos April Sullivan
Light Technician River Fullhart
Sound Technician John Sheagren
Spotlight 1 Kayleigh Reed
Spotlight 2 Josh Brown
Backstage/Microphone Manager Myreen Roxas
Backstage Right/Stage Crew Bethany Roberts
Backstage Left/Stage Crew Erick Clark
Costume Manager Clara Williams
Makeup Design Andie Devitt
Makeup Crew
Makeup Crew
Set Construction Crew All Thespians et al.
Congrats Cast and Crew of Great American Talent Show
Great American Talent Show – Cast and Crew
Character Cast Member Understudy
Sunny Brekinridge- host Shannon Pitchford Jay Walters
Chuckie Carlyle- comedian Anthony Proudnik
Ellie Jordan – model Kayleigh Reed Hailie Gonzales
Giselle LeBeau – makeover Bethany Roberts
Morgan Mayfield – singer Mary Ryder
Freddy Soderstrom – band Josh Brown Megan Gross
Mary Jane Paulson – IQ Sara Gonzales
Arnie Toliver – impressionist Nicholas Antonelli
Meridee Holliway – judge Clara Williams
Connie Grover – judge Dayra Albernas
Gerard Jamison Ben Ryder
Intern Paige Richard
Announcer Jay Walters
Audience Plant Megan Gross
Director Ariana Patterson
Producer/Prompter Ms. Cox
Stage Manager April Sullivan
Light Technician River Fullhart
Sound Technician John Sheagren
Spotlight 1 Izzy Fryza
Spotlight 2 Charles Vaughn
Backstage/Mic Manager Myreen Roxas
Backstage Right/Stage Crew Hailie Gonzales
Backstage Left/Stage Crew Erick Clark
Costume Manager
Makeup Design Andie Devitt
Makeup Crew
Makeup Crew
Congrats Cast and Crew of Mmmbeth
Mmmbeth: Cast and Crew List
Mmmbeth Charles Vaughn
Lady Mmmbeth Ashley Eick
Banquo Sawyer Bisson
MacDuff Colvin Jax
Queen Duncan Mikkel Ross
Haggy/Doctor Kendall Graves
Naggy/Gentlewoman Michelle Ruiz
Twit/Gentlewoman Calla Jimenez
Murderer 1/Soldier 1 Adam Gonzales
Hectate/Murderer 2/ Soldier 2 TBD
Director Ms. Cox
Prompter Ariana Patterson
Stage Manager Amber Romance
Light Technician River Fullhart
Sound Technician John Sheagren / April Sullivan
Spotlight 1 Jay Walters
Spotlight 2 Ryan Koutros
Backstage/Microphone Manager Myreen Roxas
Backstage Right/Stage Crew Paige Richard
Backstage Left/Stage Crew Megan Gross/Erick Clark
Costume Manager Hailie Gonzales
Makeup Design Andie Devitt
Makeup Crew
Makeup Crew
Cast Lists for One Acts
Thank you to everyone who auditioned for the MHS drama fall one act plays. We are putting the finishing touches on the cast lists and hope to have them posted by tonight, Thursday, October 5.
Drama Club Photos tomorrow 1/30
Remember that tomorrow is picture retake/club photo day. Wear your drama club tshirts and come get your photo taken when they call tomorrow morning. Pass the word!
Tentative Addams Family Rehearsal Schedule
Schedule has been added in the files section. Note - rehearsals go until 4:30 in January, 5:00 in February, 5:30 in March, and 6:00 in April. Two lock-in dates have been set for all cast and crew. Set crew dates TBD.
Cast List
Addams Family The Musical – MHS 2017 Cast List
Cast Understudy
Gomez Addams Jay Walters
Josh Brown
Morticia Addams Shannon Pitchford Hannah Gracy
Wednesday Addams Ariana Patterson
Fester Addams Anthony Proudnik
Pugsley Addams Sara Gonzales Charles Vaughn
Grandmother Addams Hannah Gracy Dayra Albernas
Landon Bish Aaron Tipsword
Lucas Meineke
Aaron Tipsword tbd
Alice Meineke Mackenzie Helms Bethany Roberts
Mal Meineke
Cameron Howe Josh Brown
Female Ancestors:
Hannah Gracy (dance captain)
Ria Rodriguez
Kayleigh Reed
Mary Ryder
Paige Richard
Coral Sue Purcell
Calla Jimenez
Dayra Albernas
Devyn Wenger
Andie Devitt
Emily DeLaCruz
Amber Romance
Thalia Diaz
Jisett Rodriguez
Bethany Roberts
Sophia Dipre
Hailey Wright
Sarah Mandile
Rachel Matthis
Gwen Rowe
6th grade chorus Kendall Graves
Ashely Eick
Peyton Young
Riley McDonald
Delaney Paul
Male Ancestors: Charles Vaughn
Josh Brown
Matthew Pinkley
Robert Felts
Stage Manager/Producer April Sullivan
Tania Gutierrez
Micaela Coger
Cesar Gomez
Sarah Gomez
Aaron Tipsword
Stevie Sainz
Shane Devitt
Noah Casillas
Autumn Romance
Jericho Deaks
Sound Ben Ryder
Lights River Fullhart
Zoe Volliger
Myreen Roxas
Costumes Micaela Coger
Make-up Andie Devitt
Thalia Diaz
Sunday - first lock-in
See you all on Sunday for our first "Lock-In." We will start by working on set and props. Then everyone will change into whatever costume pieces and parts we have, and we will figure out what else we need to get. We will run the entire show with stops for mic changes and getting set changes right, break for pizza at 5pm (bring snacks to share if you can). At 5:30, we will run the entire show again, hopefully faster the second time. We should be finished by 7pm.
Rehearsal Schedule and Announcements - Week of 10/24
3 weeks until showtime... Here we go!
-All photos and bios for the playbill must be complete by this THURSDAY.
-All ad copy and money for the playbill must be turned in by FRIDAY.
- REQUIRED Lock-In on Sunday from noon-7. We will have pizza delivered about 5, eat and then run thru the complete show again after we eat.
- Rehearsal schedule for the week:
Monday 10/24 2:45-5:30 Set/Props & Act 1 Rehearsal
Tuesday 10/25 2:45-5:30 Act 2&3 Rehearsal (swimmers and band will be out)
Wednesday 10/26 No Rehearsal – Faculty Meeting
Thursday 10/27 2:45-5:30 Act 2&3 Rehearsal
Friday 10/28 2:45-5 Set/Props/Costumes and I would like add Run Act 1 if all are available
Sunday 10/30 Lock IN 12pm-7pm Run show 2x
Udated schedule for week of 10/17
17 No School
3:30-7 set bldg/props/ costumes
Stage not available ‘til 4
18 OFF Book
2:45-5 rehearsal Act 1&2

Band practice

No rehearsal

OWO dress rehearsal


Run Entire Show
No rehearsal
Rehearsal Week of 10/10
UPDATES to this week's schedule. Unfortunately, I was incorrect about Monday being a holiday. So we can't start set building at noon. It will have to be after school from 2:45- til? Please all cast and crew come. We have alot of costume prep and organizing to do in addition to set building. Stay an hour or more. Mr. Tipsword will be coming about 5:30 to do some work on the platform aka Tableau Stage. Tuesday is Act 3 and set/costumes. Mr. Tipsword is coming again. Wednesday rehearsal will start at about 3:15. I have a gradebook manager's meeting prior. No rehearsal Thursday and Friday. Take that time to hit the pavement and sell those ads for the playbill. The files are attached below if you lost yours. Remember, we are asking that every student sell one page worth of ads - whether that is a full page, 2 half page, or 3 1/3 page. Let the businesses know that they get a discount buying for both shows now. This is how we pay for our playbill printing and props!!
All Cast and Crew - Rehearsal Friday, Oct 7
Looks like we will have school tomorrow - so we WILL have rehearsal. All Cast and Crew - rehearsal, costumes, and prop from 2:45-5. We will run the entire show. Expect to be working on your costume or the set when you aren't on stage. See you all tomorrow
NO SCHOOL/Practice on thursday Oct 6
REHEARSAL for Acts 1-3 is rescheduled for FRIDAY, Oct 7 from 2:45-5 pm, as long as school is in session. Be safe!
Drama Club and Costumes Tomorrow 9/26
Please see tentative rehearsal schedules posted in the files below. Note the required Lock-in and long tech days beginning October 30. Looking for frisbees to paint as plates and egg shaped trap buoys for flamingo croquet. Bring 'em if you have 'em. See you all tomorrow.
First Read Thru - Tuesday
Don't forget - first read thru tomorrow in Ms. Cox's room from 2:45 until at least 4. Swim has to leave at 3:45 and band is leaving at 3. I would like to read thru the entire show if possible. I will also begin assigning understudies. Please spread the word to those not on FB. Scripts are on the way, but I do not anticipate them arriving until Thursday (they made it as far as TN). We will be sharing photocopies tomorrow.
RENT field trip.
The drama club field trip to see RENT on Sunday, October 9th is full. There are currently 2 people on the waiting list. Drivers are Ms. Cox, Mrs. Ryder, Mrs. Tipsword, and Mrs. Gracy.
Alice In Wonderland - Rehearsals start Tuesday
Play Practice starts this week with a read thru of the script in Ms. Cox's room on Tuesday at 2:45 pm. We will be getting info on everyone's conflicts so that we can make the best rehearsal schedule possible. Rehearsal Tuesday is 2:45 -3:45 (when swim and volleyball have to leave). I know that band can only make a brief appearance and will take the band Tuesdays into account when making the rehearsal schedule.

We will rehearse Thursday 9/22 2:45-4:45. Early release Friday - no rehearsal (except maybe Alice, tbd). We will have first meeting of set building following a brief drama club meeting on 9/26. Expect rehearsals Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 9/27, 29, 30. We have 8 weeks until the show!!

Congrats MHS Cast of Alice in Wonderland!
Alice In Wonderland - Cast in order of Appearance
Acts Character Cast Understudy (TBD)
1-3 Alice Hannah Gracy
1-3 White Rabbit Cameron Howe
1-3 Queen of Hearts Mackenzie Helms
1 *Mouse Calla Jimenez
1 *Caterpillar Shannon Pitchford
1 *Fish Footman John Sheagren
1 *Frog Footman Charles Vaughn
1-2 Duchess Bethany Roberts
1-2 Cheshire Cat Anthony Proudnik
1-2 March Hare Keygan Jeffries
1-2 Mad Hatter Ariana Patterson
1-2 Dormouse Ben Ryder
2 **2 of Spades Mary Ryder
2 ** 5 of Spades Dixie Murphy
2 **7 of Spades Devyn Wenger
2 **King of Hearts Jay Walters
2 **Knave Owen Yacoe
2 **Gryphon Ria Rodriguez
2 **Mock Turtle Maggie Smithbower
3 ***Red Queen Carlie Meehan
3 ***Tweedledum Aaron Tipsword
3 ***Tweedledee Josh Brown
3 ***White Queen Zoe Voelliger
3 ***Humpty Dumpty Sara Gonzales

Non-speaking roles (may have group lines)
Act 1 – Herald – Max Trosi; Cook – Rachel Matthis
Pages, heralds, huntsmen etc): Kayleigh Reed, Amna Ibrahim, Dailianys Gonzalez, Destiny Story, Brother Yacoe
Deck of Cards: Paige Richard (Ace), Jordyn Wilson, Delaina Ross, Mia Trosi,
Act 2 - Flowers: Kendal Graves, Caden Rose, Sabrina Gordillo-Perez, Alyssa Story
Act 3: Walrus: Charles Vaughn, Oysters: Ashley Eick, Belle Zirkelbach, Carpenter: Brady Vandervoort
People desiring to be on stage as non-speaking roles can double as much as they are willing to rehearse and help with costuming- To be determined at rehearsals. 1st Read-thru Tues, September 20 in Ms. Cox’s room 2313. 2:45 Sharp
Drama Club Meeting Monday, Sept. 12th
The next Drama Club meeting will be held on Monday, Sept. 12th in the MHS Performing Arts Center from 2:45-4:30 pm. The cast list for Alice in Wonderland will be released within the next few weeks, as we've just begun to review the scripts. Thank you for your patience.
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